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ANA Official Position Statements

The American Nurses Association (ANA) develops positions relevant to nursing practice, health policy, and social concerns impacting the health of patients and families. Position statements guide the profession, amplify the views of nursing, and educate consumers and decision makers.

One important process used for the development of a position statement is:

  1. When a relevant topic has been approved by the ANA Board of Directors, an ANA Professional Issues Panel is appointed to research and come up with a draft position.
  2. Once the panel has completed its work on the new position statement, a draft of the proposed position statement is then posted on ANA's website for public comment.
  3. Following public comment, the statement is revised if necessary and approved by the ANA Board of Directors, making it an established ANA position. 

This process allows each and every nurse to voice their views and opinions on the various dimensions of the issue at hand. The current position statements are as follows:

Ethics and Human Rights









Retired ANA Position Statements

Nursing Practice

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